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Victory Outreach Urban Training Centers

Urban Training Center
West Coast

The Urban Training Center, the First Step Toward the Adventure of a Lifetime.
What is God doing in your life? To ask the question is one thing. To actually experience His power and purpose is quite another. This is what is at the heart of the Urban Training Center. Their program is an intense six-month or one-year commitment, where young adults, ages 18-35, immerse themselves in Bible study, personal development and hands-on ministry training. Their three-fold agenda is to Reach... to Train... and to Release.

This means they begin by helping students discover what God's unique calling is in their life. Students discover special talents and gifts. The UTC helps unlock not just abilities, but also passion. Then, as these gifts emerge, they undergird them with basic Bible knowledge. Students learn not only how the pillars of the Christian faith trusted God, but also how to apply those examples to their own lives. The UTC then provides an opportunity to practice what students are learning. They go to "the highways and byways" and reach out to those who are desperate to hear the truth.

A Curriculum to Change the World, One Individual at a Time.
The UTC has put together a rigorous academic program. Its ultimate purpose is to train young people in three areas: church planting, missions outreach and church leadership. Students study under dynamic pastors and teachers. The faculty comes from a diversity of backgrounds, but they all have one thing in common. Each has practical, hands-on experience. This means students not only engage in in-depth discussions, but also put into practice what is learned to use. Why this approach? Because the UTC believes the Bible is as much a practical handbook as it is a devotional guide, and design courses with this in mind.

Student classes include: Urban Evangelism, Developing Your Spiritual Gifts, Becoming a Dynamic Transmitter of God's Word and Becoming A Godly Leader, to name just a few. This curriculum is an intense sampling of what is possible. Many students go on to further study at a Bible College or university. The result: upon graduation, students have a deeper understanding of the Word and how its power can be applied today.

We're looking for a few good saints.
Presently, Urban Training Centers operate in four locations: Bridgeport, Connecticut; Los Angeles, California; Cape Town, South Africa; and Tijuana, Mexico. Their student body is not limited by geography. Many come from all over the world to deeper their walk with God. They have serviced 11 countries worldwide.

The only battle you will ever lose, is the one you never fight.
Are you prepared to join the battle for the hearts of men and women? Are you ready to experience the passion and joy of engaging hurting people on the front lines of ministry? Do you feel a need to under-gird your faith with a vibrant, new understanding of scripture? Are you called to make an impact for God? If you'd like to enlist in this unique army dedicated to bringing personal discovery and lasting peace, please contact the UTC at the following address:

Urban Training Center Corporate Office
(909) 599-4437
P.O. Box 3760
San Dimas, Ca. 91773

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